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Miles Phillips – Outsourced Marketing Director

Hi I’m Miles, I’m an outsourced marketing director with 30 years of experience and my agency is all about keeping marketing simple, easy to understand and results focused.

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About Me

I’m a marketing professional with 30 years of experience managing brands, developing products and delivering winning results. In the 1990’s I was a category marketing manager at adidas UK. I then moved on to a career in the gambling industry marketing household names. I was fortunate to run an industry organisation marketing products worth billions to over 10,000 betting shops across the UK and Ireland. I now share my wealth of expertise with SME’s to deliver no-nonsense, cost effective marketing plans and outsourced marketing that delivers results.

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My Goal

My goal is to deliver comprehensive outsourced marketing solutions tailored for business owners, blending traditional and modern media strategies to foster business growth and achieve your objectives. I ensure every marketing effort aligns with your goals, values, and target audiences, offering effective and memorable marketing strategies that are straightforward and understandable.

My role is to simplify the marketing process, allowing you to concentrate on running your business while I navigate its complexities. Drawing on my experience, I create custom marketing plans to transition your business from its current state to your future vision, providing marketing solutions designed for your success.

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My Clients

Over the years I have worked with companies from across different sectors including financial services, human resources, property, coaching, engineering, construction and digital marketing to name a few. I would say we specialise in engineering, construction, industrial and manufacturing sectors, not only because we get great results working in these areas, but I also find my no-nonsense approach is warmly welcomed.

My Suppliers

Miles Marketing is a ‘boutique’ agency, which means that I run the show and manage the accounts so that my customers get a very personal service. I have been lucky enough throughout my career to cover every aspect of marketing, but I use specialists to deliver this to my customers. I find each client the right supplier at the right budget.

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My Achievements

The astronaut imagery encapsulates my role as a pioneer. Reflecting on my journey as an Outsourced Marketing Director, I recognise the trailblazing actions I’ve taken throughout my career.

One standout achievement was the creation of a specialist skateboard and BMX network in the UK during my tenure at adidas UK. Starting from scratch, I developed a specialist retail network and product range, and sponsored athletes within this niche market over three years. My innovative spirit didn’t stop there; I also served as the executive producer for a twice-daily live lotto draw, contributed to the invention of Virtual Racing, and produced the first gambling advert broadcast on terrestrial TV for the Irish Lotto Bet.

Innovation doesn’t always require grand gestures. A prime example of this was when I implemented a seemingly minor change at adidas, transforming how sales stock rooms operated. By inviting sales staff to join me in a tent on the adidas HQ lawn for a bacon roll and a meeting with silver medal-winning Olympian Paul Ratcliffe and his massive canoe, sales soared dramatically.

My approach isn’t about being different for the sake of it. Rather, it’s about staying true to my values and relishing the challenge of solving problems. My commitment to pioneering solutions and strategic innovations defines my career and underscores the quality and ingenuity I bring to every project as an Outsourced Marketing Director.

Why Choose Miles?

I work with a select few outsourced clients at any one time, typically between 4-6, to maintain a high standard of service. This exclusivity ensures that when you partner with my boutique outsourced agency, you benefit from direct, personalised interaction with me, Miles. However, rest assured, the workload is not carried by me alone.

Throughout my career, I’ve curated a robust network comprising agencies, freelancers, and consultants. Together, we form your comprehensive Outsourced Marketing Department. This network is the backbone of the bespoke marketing solutions I offer, ensuring a blend of quality, innovation, and efficiency in every project.

My journey through the marketing field has been diverse and enriching, managing multimillion-pound budgets and servicing one of the world’s largest retail estates. With expertise spanning retail, digital, product, brands, and operations, I position myself as your all-encompassing source for strategic marketing needs.

At the heart of my approach is a deep appreciation for company culture. I believe in nurturing this aspect through positive reinforcement rather than punitive measures. By engaging and enlightening your team about your company’s values, we can turn them into enthusiastic advocates for your brand, effectively becoming marketing megaphones.

I’m confident in the quality and value-for-money of the marketing services I provide. Still, to ensure your complete satisfaction and peace of mind, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Let’s collaborate to elevate your business with strategic, comprehensive marketing solutions tailored just for you.


My Mission

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