How much does it Cost?

Product:- “Bite-Size Linked In Staff Training”
Duration:- 90-minute online workshops
Cost:- 1-1 session £499+VAT, Group session £750+VAT
Result:- Review of your personal profile, How and When to post, Understanding the Algorithm, how to find and build connections, how to get more engagement on your business page

Benefits Of LinkedIn Marketing

Introducing Bite-Size LinkedIn: Empowering your business for embrace the benefits of LinkedIn marketing and unlock the true potential of  your LinkedIn profile and propel your business page to new heights with our revolutionary training program – Bite-Size LinkedIn.
Developed with your business in mind, this cutting-edge solution offers unparalleled value by equipping your staff with the essential knowledge to harness the full power of this dynamic professional platform.

Tailored to meet your unique requirements, our expert-led training sessions are available for individuals seeking personal growth or entire teams aiming to strengthen their collective LinkedIn prowess. In just 90 minutes, our comprehensive program will empower you and your team to harness the true potential of LinkedIn, enabling you to amplify your online presence.

One of the core focal points of the training is to enable you and your team to build robust personal LinkedIn profiles that act as powerful catalysts for your company page’s expansion. Through personalised profile reviews, we will meticulously analyse your existing profiles, providing invaluable feedback and actionable insights to enhance their impact. By optimising each team member’s personal branding, you will effortlessly position your organisation as an industry leader, captivating your target audience and attracting valuable connections.

Unveiling the secrets of LinkedIn’s algorithm is another crucial aspect of our training. We understand the algorithm’s nuances and intricacies, and we will guide you through them, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition.
With our expert guidance, you will learn when and how to strategically post compelling content, increasing your visibility, engagement, and ultimately, your bottom line.
Building a thriving network of connections is the lifeblood of LinkedIn, and our training program focuses on empowering you to accomplish precisely that. Discover how to efficiently locate and cultivate meaningful connections that align with your business objectives. We will equip you with the strategies and techniques needed to expand your network, forging valuable relationships with potential clients, partners, and industry thought leaders.

By investing in Bite-Size LinkedIn, you are investing in your business’s future success. Our unparalleled training sessions are designed to equip your staff with the skills and expertise necessary to thrive in the competitive digital landscape. Our aim is to make your company page blossom as your team embraces their newfound LinkedIn proficiency.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn for your business. We have personal 1-1 sessions or a group sessions that is idea for remote workers.

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